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Scream BIRD ROPE PERCH 1.6x38cm

Product Code: 96-SBP03742


This colourful Bird Rope Perch Screams fun and gives your bird the freedom to do that at home! Promote healthy activity for birds with this bright multi-coloured, sturdy cotton Poly-Rope Perch. The rope provides secure footing and the wire inside allows you to create different and interesting perching surfaces to help alleviate boredom in caged birds. Endless shapes can be made with this perch - change the Shape as often as you would like, or have multiple perches in the cage! Available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of bird breeds.


1. Connect one end to the roof or side of the cage.

2. Twist to your desired shape.

3. Connect the other end to the roof or side of the cage.

**Note this product is not suitable for birds that chew**