Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Blaze the Dog

Name Meaning – Flame, Ignition
With a backdrop of thundering falls, Blaze is silhouetted against a fiery sunset as he prepares to jump hundreds of metres down towards the Zambezi River as crocodiles circle below….with a bungee rope of course! Where will this thrill seeker end up jumping next??!
Meet the Team

Maximus the Cat

Name Meaning – The great

Looking for Maximus? Look up! Whether it’s base jumping over the pyramids of Egypt or jumping out of a plane 10 000 feet in the air over Bondi, Maximus feels most alive with the wind in his whiskers, just before the parachute opens!!

Meet the Team

Kai the Bird

Name Meaning – Short for Kaihalulu (Loud Wave)

Hatched overlooking Jaws Beach in Hawaii, Kai’s love of big waves, sun and sand was inevitable. Kai has hung 10 with the best and travels the world in search of the biggest, best and scariest waves.

Meet the Team

El Toro the Guinea Pig

Name Meaning – Spanish for The Bull. El Toro is also a famous Roller Coaster

Tick…Tick…Tick…then WOOOOOOSHHHHHH! A sudden drop that leaves your stomach at the top! Leviathan, Banshee, Top Thrill Dragster…you name a rollercoaster, El Toro has most likely ridden it!

Meet the Team

Crusher the Xtreme Dog

Name Meaning – to Crush

Crusher is the new neighbourhood Tough Dog ready to chew and destroy his way through the toy box! Slow Crusher down in his tracks with Scream Xtreme Dog Toys designed ready to take on his strong jaw!